8 Reasons Why Millennials are Cowards!

Every generation is different than the previous.

BY Matilda Sands
Sep.10,2019 / UPDATED ON MAY.28,2021

Studies have shown that millennials are the most fearful generation. They might not be as fearful as future generations (who will have to strap themselves to an oxygen tank before stepping outside), but they have seen their baby booming parents gobble up resources, and tech-savvy Gen X and Z rise to corner the job market. 

But what are millennials most afraid of? What keeps them from sleep, tossing and turning on their next-day-delivery made-to-order mattresses?

  1. Ordinariness. There’s a whole wellness industry built around persuading fearful millennials to capture life’s special little moments.
  2. Phone calls. 75% of millennials reportedly prefer to text than talk, which makes sense — texting became the norm just as they were at their most socially vulnerable, at high school or college. They could benefit learning how to answer the phone, because they're probably doing it wrong.
  3. The stock market. Having seen the dot-com bubble and the recession zap their first piggy bank savings, only 23% of millennials are willing to invest. 
  4. Taking lunch breaks. For a millennial, being seen eating a burrito in the park at 1pm is equivalent to being fired.
  5. Not believing in anything. Millennials love good causes — it’s a way to prove to their peers that they care about something other than MacBooks and ceremonial tea bowls.
  6. Children. The US birth rate is the lowest it's been in 32 years, in part because millennials aren’t having children. That's probably for the best, since they're likely to miss the signs that they're raising a psychopath.
  7. Plant blight. Children are a drain on time, money and sleep, but houseplants are low maintenance interior design solutions.
  8. And the thing that Millennials fear more than anything, is fear itself. The popularity of CBD, meditation classes and minimalist design, speaks of a culture of tyrannical "chill." Anxiety is a buzzword, and a taboo.
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