U.S. Space Force

America is Preparing for a War Against Space Aliens

We have the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, and now we have a new service –– the United States Space Force.

BY Rick Bursky
Dec.22,2019 / UPDATED ON JAN.16,2020

Some people might think this is science fiction, but it's not. The Department of Defense knows things that they're not telling us, and some of those things are potential adversaries who might include aliens, and we don't mean from Mexico, we mean aliens from another planet. They could easily lead us to believe that's true is that as of December 20, 2019, the United States Space Force is officially our sixth military branch. Nope, we're not making this up. 

The new Space Force will be lead by a general, Gen. John "Jay" Raymond, official title will be the Chief of Space Operations, and he will, of course, sit on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Again, we're not making this up. This new military branch was created by the United States Space Force Act, which passed the Senate by a vote of 86 to 8 on December 7, and the House passed it on December 11 by a margin of 377 to 48. 

The mission of the Space Force is to "organize, train, and equip space forces to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force. The Space Force's responsibilities include developing military space professionals, acquiring military space systems, maturing the military doctrine for space power, and organizing space forces to present to the Combatant Commands." We took that off their website. Look for yourself spaceforce.mil.

Their duties are:

  1. Protect the interests of the United States in space
  2. Deter aggression in, from, and to space
  3. Conduct space operations

Number two looks like they have their eye on fighting space aliens. Hey, we really are trying to keep a straight face. The 1997 movie, Starship Troopers, might give you an idea of what the Space Force will one day look like. Most scientists, and many strategists, agree that weaponizing space is not a good idea. Some people are saying that creating the Space Force doesn't mean we're doing that. But let's be honest, the purpose of the military is to blow up things and kill people. Only time will tell what the Space Force will really be doing up there. 

Currently, there are 16,000 service members assigned to the Space Force, most coming from the former Air Force Space Command. Though some are coming from the other services. This is all good news for the Coast Guard. They are no longer our smallest military service. 

Every service has its own uniform and whatnot. To that end, Gen. Raymond said, "The uniforms, the patch, the song, the culture of a service, that work will continue. We're not going to be in a rush. That's not something that we're going to roll out on day one." What about the Elton John song, Rocket Man?

I think Space Force is missing the boat on one important thing, or we should say "missing the spaceship." The first Chief of Space Operations should be Buzz Lightyear. He could lead them "to infinity … and beyond." 

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