The Many Ways to Die During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying safe is not just something you should do during this pandemic. There are many other ways to die.

BY Alan Bursky
Apr.03,2020 / UPDATED ON MAY.01,2020

Worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics as of this writing, April 2, 2020: Confirmed cases, 1,018,948, deaths 53,179, recovered 212,072. By the time you read this, I’m sure the numbers will have gone up. The population of the earth right now is 7.8 billion people. And that number will have also gone up by the time you read this. (In case you’re curious, for each person that dies, 2.39 babies are born.)

While the coronavirus is a severe problem that demands our full attention, let’s not forget there are other ways to die, yes, even today.

The Flu.

Flu season is from October through May. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates as of mid-March 29,000 - 59,000 people have died from the flu. Yep, that number is also sure to rise. But the media isn’t talking about this very much.

This next one shocked me.

Tuberculosis (TB)

At one time, really not that long ago, TB was a death sentence. In 2018 worldwide, 1.5 million people died from TB. Today it’s a treatable, even curable disease. Yet every year, it still kills over a million people. I don’t remember the last the time I heard the word Tuberculosis on the news.

Every day now, the news tells us about the thousands of cases and deaths.  How come they never report about the thousands and thousands of recoveries? Of course, we should take this seriously. We should follow the guidelines to vanquish COVID-19. But here is something I couldn’t believe. 

I was at the supermarket yesterday. A woman in front of me at the checkout counter had to be about 300 pounds. She was riding one of those electric shopping carts, most likely because of her weight. She was wearing rubber gloves and a face mask. Yet, she was buying a lot of junk food, liquor, and cigarettes. This woman is worried about COVID-19!? I guess her age to be about the mid-’40s. I’d be more terrified of trying to stand up and not drop dead from a stroke or a heart attack. Mid 40’s, 300 pounds, about 5’6”. Madame, the coronavirus is probably not your biggest health problem. 


This is another shocker. Each year, I repeat, each year, about 1.7 million adults in the United States get sepsis. Oh, sepsis is your body’s extreme response to an infection. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. It happens when you have an infection —in your skin, lungs, urinary tract, or somewhere else—and a deadly chain reaction is triggered throughout your body. Around 270,000 people die from sepsis every year. Again, we never hear anything about this.

Typhoid, Scarlet Fever, and Diphtheria are on the rise in the world. These are diseases people think that have been eradicated — but they haven’t. Thank you, Jenny McCarthy, for your anti-vaccination movement. Remember Jenny, when the vaccine for COVID-19 comes out, you don’t have to get one. A few years ago, there was an outbreak of Typhus in downtown Los Angeles. There was even a case of Leprosy in downtown Los Angeles.

The all-time number 1 killer. Heart Disease.

Every single day in the United States alone, 1,774 people die from heart disease. I am talking about every day! If a bartender can cut off a drunk, how come a restaurant, and a supermarket can’t cut off an obese person? I know I’m not being nice by fat-shaming. But I’m trying to make a more significant point. (Officially, for the record, it is not nice to fat shame, and I apologize.) Remember this. The day after a vaccine for the coronavirus is found, almost 2000 people in America alone will drop dead from heart disease. Don’t even get me started on cancer and automobile accidents. 


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